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Steve Wright Joins Forces with EDI for Nuke Intensive Workshop

Aggiornamento: 1 mag 2019

Steve Wright Joins Forces with EDI for Nuke Intensive Workshop

Italy's leading visual effects studio, EDI, is proud to announce a rare opportunity to learn Nuke VFX Compositing from Steve Wright, Master Nuke trainer, at a 6 week intensive Nuke VFX Compositing Workshop in Milan, Italy. The course is comprised of three 2-week workshops from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced and runs May 27 through July 5, 2019. Designed to take beginners to employable entry-level positions in a VFX studio, more advanced students can choose to start in the Intermediate or Advanced courses.

Nuke is the de-facto industry standard for creating visual effects for the feature film, broadcast television, and even the gaming industries. It's powerful node-based compositing design, 32 bit floating point math for all operations, incredibly robust tool kit and ease of adding custom tools have made it the industry standard for virtually all VFX studios, large and small. If you want to do professional compositing in the visual effects industry you must know Nuke.

This course will teach you the art and science of compositing visual effects with Nuke starting from the very beginning with Node Based Compositing and why it is the essential foundation of Nuke to concluding with advanced 2D and 3D workflows for essential visual effects tasks such as Clean Plate Construction, Camera Projection, Set Extension, Day for Night shots, and more. The course covers the tools, techniques, and the artistic issues for all of these essential workflows.

The course culminates on the last day with Steve Wright's Demo Reel Workshop where you will learn how to edit and present a job-winning demo reel and how to design a professional website. You will even get to select 3 ShotKits™ from Steve's library where you get to composite feature film quality shots to add to your demo reel. Certificates are awarded for each course so you will want to collect all three certificates.

This is your chance to learn Nuke VFX Compositing from the finest Nuke trainer at the finest VFX studio in Italy. Sign up for your exciting new career in visual effects.

EDI is Italy's leading Visual Effects Studio for feature film and broadcast television that regularly offers top industry training events through ACCÆDI, their in-house training academy. if you are flying in from out of town EDI will set you up with discount prices at several hotels in Milan.

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