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Nuke Visual Effects Compositing Workshop

with  Steve Wright

The training objective is to produce artists with employable skills so the curriculum proceeds in a logical order starting with basics then adds skills and techniques towards practical production work. The three courses integrate with each other to create a 6-week training continuum. This will hopefully encourage students to sign up for all 3 courses.


Key topics will begin with the theory of operation before starting the Nuke portion of the training. For example, the camera tracker segment will start with the science and math of camera tracking, followed by the training on the CameraTracker node. There will also be much foundational information normally overlooked by training institutions such as color theory, working in linear, digital images, file formats, affects of filtering, etc. 


The last class in the Advanced Course is a very exciting Demo Reel Workshop to guide students on how to prepare job-winning demo reels and websites. Each student gets to select 3 ShotKits™ from Steve's library of 26 that they can comp for their demo reels.  These ShotKits™ have all of the elements to comp a feature film quality shot.

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Nuke Visual Effects Compositing Workshop
with Steve Wright | Beginner Course
Jan 24 – Feb 07
  • Two weeks course, for a total of 80 hours

  • Learning Objectives: productive in rotoscoping and basic compositing tasks


  • Who Should Attend: artists already familiar with compositing and the Nuke interface


  1. Node based compositing with the Nuke interface

  2. How to Transform Images and Animate Actions

  3. Color Theory and Photorealistic Color Correction

  4. Tracking and Stabilizing with Point and Planar Trackers

  5. Rotoscoping and Paint Fixes

  6. Keying and Spill Suppression with Chromakeyer and Keylight

  7. Image Deformations, Warping and Morphing

  8. Compositing CGI with Live Action

  9. Basic cleanup technique - wire removal

  10. Introduction to 3D - geometry, cameras, and renders

COURSE FEE: € 3.000,00

Nuke Visual Effects Compositing Workshop
with Steve Wright | Intermediate Course
Feb 10 – Feb 21
  • Two weeks course, for a total of 80 hours

  • Learning Objectives: productive in intermediate compositing tasks, keying, tracking, and integration


  • Who Should Attend: junior Nuke compositing artists


  1. Advanced Point and Planar Tracking for Roto Assist

  2. Keying with Primatte and IBK Keyer

  3. Controlling Time and Speed

  4. Photorealistic Camera and Lighting Effects

  5. Animating Paint with Smart Vectors

  6. Advanced Keying and Spill Suppression Techniques

  7. Deep Compositing and Stereo Compositing

  8. Understanding Filters and Procedural Animation

  9. Working with 3D Shaders, Lights, and Ray Traced Renders

  10. Workflows - Day for Night, Sky Replacement, Clean Plates

COURSE FEE: € 3.000,00

Nuke Visual Effects Compositing Workshop
with Steve Wright | Advanced Course
Feb 24 – March 06
  • Two weeks course, for a total of 80 hours

  • Learning Objectives: productive in advanced compositing, 3D compositing, multi-pass CGI compositing


  • Who Should Attend: intermediate Nuke compositing artists

  1. Camera Tracking for Scene Reconstruction

  2. Working with Multi-pass CGI and AOVs

  3. Creating Effects with the Particle System

  4. Creating 3D Geometry with Point Clouds and the ModelBuilder

  5. Still Photo Camera Solves & VR Stitching

  6. Relighting CGI Renders & Adding Lens Artifacts

  7. Working with Motion Vectors and Depth Passes

  8. 3D Workflows - Pan-n-Tile, Camera Projection Shots

  9. 3D Workflows - Rig Removal, Set Extensions

  10. Demo Reel Workshop - pick 3 ShotKits™

COURSE FEE: € 3.000,00

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